Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Official---I listed on Etsy

With much prompting from my friends Brenda and Carla, I have now listed on Etsy---I will for now only be featuring my Homemade Soap as I can only keep track of a limited amount of THINGS---while chewing gum and walking at the same time---I do believe it is a right side left side brain thing when people can keep track of LOTS-O-STUFF and I really am not sure I have either of those sides---so that's the darn deal there----I only did 9 Flavors (wrong word---SCENTS) and honestly it was a chore picking out which they would be---as I am in the interem with swinging into my Spring Line of soaps---Oh Mylanta---I can hardly wait to get some Lilac and Apricot Freesia and Sweet Grass and Fresh Cut Grass and and and---it will be MARVELOUS darlings---just MARVELOUS!!! And who doesn't use SOAP???? Kinda excited about the whole thing----I hope you will be too!

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