Sunday, March 16, 2008

WSOAPP Fabric Swap Launch March 16th!!!!!


The fabric launch is here---we swapped fabric secretly ----we mailed them to our secret people---then we each made a doll out of the fabric we recieived and out of the fabric that we sent out----kinda FUN----and I can hardly wait to see what everyone has been up to---quiet all weekend in the posting department---toooooo funny! OH---PS--- I have added 4 new dolls to my slideshow --- 2 of which are secret fabric exchange dolls!


Cookie said...

well isnt she just the sweetest!
I love your dollies so !!

BirchBerry Farms said...

Well hey there Miss Cookie---thanks for stopping by and the kind note---I am trying to swing into Spring here---having some troubles with the weather cooperating---I never thought I would hate snow---but it is official----HATE IT---ready for it to be GONE!!! XO, Me----Hey---did ja get your ride yet?--and if you do---don't forget to pick me up!!!! I have really cool shades---

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